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Disinfection and temporary preservation of deceased bodies.

Using Organic Filter Bio sac 200, a technique for the temporary preservation of the bodies, without any danger for the Funeral Home professional staff and the family of the deceased during the wake. The Bio Sac 200 technique can be applied by any funeral director who knows how to handle and clean the bodies, without the need to have any particular qualification.

Bio Sac 200

Natural Body Care

Reasons to use this technique 

The embalmer and inventor of the Bio Sac 200 temporary preservation technique, Don. José Antonio Calache Rodríguez, as Manager and Technical Director of Conserfil Nature, an innovative company dedicated to the sale of ecological filters for the conservation of the bodies of the deceased and to the solution of problems through the absorption of gases and odors.

Instructions of use and protocols

Bio Sac 200 is an absorbent, gas, bacteria and viruses.

Place a filter on the body of the deceased (1 to 4 filters, see poster with Bio Sac 200 instructions).

The filter acts quickly by making the air clean in the space

In view of the new decree: Bio Sac 200 is the only technique capable of ensuring the preservation of bodies for more than 30 days, avoiding any contagion of viruses to staff and family members and allowing dignified ceremonies in these very difficult circumstances.

Disinfection of hearses, place 2 filters, one on each side in the catafalque and previously removed from their packaging, to be renewed every 5 days (their duration of effectiveness). The filters will absorb all the bad smells, bacteria and viruses, making the air clean in the space of the vehicle.

Bio Sac 200 documentation

Organic Filters

Bio Sac 200 temporary preservation.

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This company has created a substitution technique for the current temporary preservation of corpses, whereby the filtration of substances in the body is replaced by natural filters made of clay and activated carbons, which are placed in the abdomen of the corpses.


Organic Filter Bio Sac 200

How does Bio Sac 200 works

This product is a revolution in the funeral market, consisting of a polypropylene fabric bag containing a mixture of absorbents, natural clays of the highest purity impregnated with a low chemical spectrum and virgin activated carbon. This filter is designed to absorb gases, odors, virus bacteria  and volatile particles emitted by the corpse, thus delaying its natural putrefaction.

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In a world as globalized as today’s, where the migration of people is a reality, it is an opportunity to have a product that offers the preservation of a corpse for up to 30 days, effective at a lower cost compared to traditional temporary preservation and with less risk of labour, since the handling of the body is very low, has the advantage of not having to embalm the body since it will degrade once the effective time of the product has elapsed, and with all the guarantees for the duration of the transfer process, which is quite a success.

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